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Farmi Vario Forest Trailers

The Vario Model 101, which is featured below, has a load carrying capacity of 22,000 lbs.  For information on the Vario 121, which has a load carrying capacity of 26,400 lbs, click here.

Farmi Vario is FARMI FOREST's latest solution for the challenges of today's cut-to-length method in forest transport.  The module structure of Vario trailers enables them to be equipped to meet the changing requirements of the customer.  Vario can, for example, be purchased as a basic version without brakes and four-wheel drive.  Brakes, four-wheel drive, stake frames and a frame extension can be added to the trailer later on.

A true forwarding trailer

 Farmi Forest makes true professional forwarding trailers with a single beam frame. The frame is smooth underneath so it will slide over stumps and rocks. The bogie steadies the swaying of the trailer. The trailer is equipped with a mounting plate for the Farmi Forest loaders. All Farmi Forest loaders can be used on the trailer. The trailer and loader are a reliable combination for contractors. Timber of different lengths can be transported because the bogie can be moved up or down the frame. The trailer comes with 2 pairs of stakes, and a third pair of stakes is mounted on the bogie. The brakes require a double acting valve on the tractor. The brakes are engaged by pulling the hydraulic valve on the tractor.

Optional Hydraulic Steering

Two hydraulic cylinders move the articulating tongue to either side.  This reduces the space needed for turning and maneuvering.

Optional 4-Wheel Drive

The Vario 101 4WD is the trailer for timber transport in difficult terrain. The trailer has a power drive which is powered from the tractor hydraulics.  A traction roller between the tires of the bogie is powered by a hydraulic motor.  The roller has ribs which fit between the lugs in the tire.  The traction roller does not slide on the tire and does not damage it either. The traction roller provides traction at all positions of the bogie.  The rugged 12-ply rated tires are over 19" wide which enables transport in wet conditions.  The drive system develops a traction forces of 17 kN.  A separate hydraulic power unit to power the drive device and the loader is available for the Vario trailers, in the event that the oil flow from the base machine is not sufficient. The minimum oil flow requirement is 13 gallons per minute.  A headboard and two pairs of stakes are standard. The stake frames are adjustable for the desired spacing on the frame.  The trailer has a mounting plate to which one can mount any Farmi loader.

Hydraulic Brakes

  The optional hydraulic brakes are recommended if the trailer is to be used in hilly terrain.  The brakes are on the front wheel of each bogie. The brakes require a double acting valve on the tractor. The brakes are engaged by pulling the hydraulic valve on the tractor.

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A trailer for the professional user.  The trailer's fully-floating tandem bogie is well shielded, and provides excellent maneuverability in forest conditions.  The high ground clearance varies from 21 5/8" to 25 3/16" depending on the tire size.  The rugged single beam frame ensures good stability even in the roughest of terrain.  The design of the Vario's frame beam ensures that these trailers are made for durability and that they are dimensioned for professional use, the frame dimension is 7 7/8" by 7 7/8".

Technical Information

Load Carrying Capacity 22,000 lbs.
Trailer Weight: 2860-3170 lbs.
Loading area 24.7 square feet
Tires, standard 400/60-15.5TT 14 ply rating
Tires, option 500/55- 15.5TT 12 ply rating (increasing the trailer width to 88 3/4")
Tires, 4-wheel drive 400/55- 22.5 ELS 14 ply rating (trailer width becomes 81 ")
Optional tires for 4-wheel drive 500/60- 15.5 ELS 12 ply rating (trailer width becomes 88 ")
Second optional tires for 4-wheel drive. 550/45-22.5 ELS 12 ply rating (trailer width becomes 92 3/4")
Standard Equipment 3 adjustable stake frames (one of these is bogey axle)
Optional accessories: Hydraulic steering with two cylinders, extra stake frames, extension for frame length, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic brakes, hydraulic 4 wheel drive. brakes on all 4 wheels.
Recommended Loaders: HK4066 HK 4571, HK 4581
Click here for information on different loader possibilities

Hydraulic Hookup

The loader requires one pressure side and one return side.  All the other loader functions are done internally from the loaders valve.  The loader can be powered from the hydraulic outlets of a farm tractor, or an external pump.   The base model trailer requires two pairs of hydraulic outlets.  One pair runs the control valve of the knuckleboom loader, and the other pair to work the hydraulic steering of the trailer tongue.  If the trailer is ordered with brakes, then one must have a third pair of hydraulic remotes.

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A = 79 15/16", the width varies with the choice of tires.
B = 237"
C = 88 3/16"
D = 50 3/4"
E = 104 3/4" - 107 1/2"
F = 79 5/16"
G = 153 3/4"
H = 22 7/16"
I = 19"
J = 31 7/8"
K = 73 7/32"

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